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About Us

It all began in 1987...

Providing Industry for Country Progress

MITACAN AS is one of the leading hardware importer company of Turkish market. Headquartered in Istanbul city by conducting business in worldwide. We are engaged in every aspect of the hardware products such as cutting tools, air and power tools, light machinery and its tools, measuring tools, safety products, servicing equipment etc. including disturbition and wholesale marketwide. Contemporary, dynamic and open minded management team also searching manufacturers/suppliers of new and advanced technology hardware products worldwide, contuniosly. 

Company Roots

We trace our earliest roots to an 1987 lubrication equipment manufactory at a district of Istanbul city which was the first and biggest in the country. Development and investment continued until 1994 when manufacturing department became upmost technology owned company in that field however investment of Research-Development branch accelerated exportation activites of the company which materialized export ing acquisition by more than 30 countries worldwide. Especially European and U.S. markets took bigger place by advantage of high quality products manufacturing with robotic technology use.

According the changes and improvements of the Turkish market and owing to close business collabortion with the international trading cooperators, it later began to importation of hardware production on the earlier of 1994 was at that time hardware sector of the country developing itself depending worldwide circumtances. The following years been golden ages of the importation department growth as it became major department of the company by strenghtening company’s position in this field. 

Global Scope

Our diverse and highly skilled global workforce consists of customer servicing, aftersale servicing, marketing department, warehouse department, lawful department, custom agents, official applications departments.

Professional and highly skilled loyal team of the MITACAN company is propelling our growth and reputation with the customers/suppliers. We are focusing on new inventions, developed technology products that improve chance of its boosted improvement. 

Customers and Relations

As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities whose we work and cooperate. We also care about the mutual relations with the customers, suppliers international and are proud of the many ways in which our employees work to servicing with upmost care. Our efforts to cooperation in honest way were recognized by best reputation from customers and suppliers. Our persistent efforts achieves leading of the Turkish hardware market. Across the corporation, we increased success rate to a level among the best in the industry. 

Quality Process

According the seriously approaching on the management of activities, MITACAN A.S. has been prized by TSEK Quality System on the year 1989 which allocated for the companies those who has a developed processing assets of systematic management countrywide. Moreover, company development plans was not over. In the year 2002, company has been prized by EN-ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate of the BSI (British Standardization Institute).  

Our Work

We recognize that the market needs all the best we can present, in every potential form. That's why we MITACAN A.S. daily to find newer, beter, reasonable products to power the market and industry of the country. 



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